Arriving on Indian television in March 2021, Udaariyan is a popular show on Colors TV. Because of its cast and plot, the show is popular and distinctive. Love is central to this program. Twinkle Arora, Hitesh Bharadwaj, and Ankit Gupta, among other well-known Indian actors, star in it. The director of this TV program was Sargun Mehta.

It features several well-known Indian performers, each of whom has a following. Jasmine, the lead character, was portrayed by Twinkle Arora. She has acted in numerous TV series, including Jhanak, and is an excellent actress. In addition to numerous other actors, another actress by the name of Priyanka Chahar also portrayed the role of Tejo in this TV series. Among the many new actors in the second season is Hitesh Bharadwaj.

The story of the Udaariyaan serial revolves around Fatemeh, Tejo, and Jasmine, three pals, who are shown hanging out on their final day of college at the beginning of the novel. Although life has guided them in diverse directions, they all have goals and aspirations. Even though Tejo didn’t tell her buddy, she had feelings for Fateh in addition to Jasmine. Because Fateh lost his job and desired to move to India, Jasmine took this action. Jasmine desired to move abroad to better her life. Tejo and Fateh develop a close friendship and begin to fall in love.

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