hanak, an Indian Hindi TV series that was just released and became well-known due to its unique plot and talented cast of performers, debuted on November 28, 2023. You may watch this series on over-the-top platforms like Disney+ Hotstar. Leena Gangopadhyay is the director of this television show. Rupashal Ahuja and Hina Nawab are the stars of this show.

In the Indian drama scene, the cast of this serial is highly sought after and adored; they have acted in many other Indian serials and are accomplished actors. Known for her physical appearance and modeling, Hina Nawab portrays Jahank. Playing the role of Anirudh was Krushal Ahuja.

This series is focused on a girl named Jhanak. She stayed with her mother because her father had deserted them. Her mother took care of her and raised her, thus she was never abused by anyone. Her dream of becoming a journalist came from her mother’s want to see her on television. She was impacted by cancer after finding out that her mother had died of the disease. She worked hard after that and went out on her own. She continues her education while living with her closest pals. Anirudh fell in love with her while she was a college student.

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