Pandya Store

On January 25, 2021, the Indian television serial Pandya Store made its debut on Star Plus and also on Hotstar. This look is typical since it almost perfectly represents a typical family life. The audience loved this TV show’s on-screen characters because of their amazing performances. Pradeep Yadav managed the television appearance for Circle Roots.

The story of the Pandya store, where the family purchases their food, provides them with income. The narrative opens at the house of a regular family. The eldest child, Gautam, assumed parental duties upon his father’s passing. For this reason, he dropped out of school and eventually wed Dhara. Dhara was the daughter of his father’s friend, with whom he had been acquainted from their early childhood. After his siblings got married, Dhara took care of them and gave them all the support they needed. Due to his father’s failure to return the credit he was given, the bank closed Gautam’s store. Shalini believes that people like Amrish ought to be punished in the current case. When did Amrish win the elections, she wonders. Natasha is curious about this person. Chirag declares that he is unsure. Dhawal was not appointed. He recalls what the woman remarked after seeing the beauty pageant advertisement. It’s alright, Amrish says.

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